Peter DiFronzo

Peter DiFronzo (May 13, 1933) is the brother of John DiFronzo (reputed to be the leader of the Chicago Outfit) and supposedly a made man. and Joseph and John DiFronzo. He is a habituate of Gene’s Deli located at 2202 North Harlem Avenue Elmwood, Illinois that is also frequented by his brother John DiFronzo Sr. He stands at 5’8 and weighs 185 pounds team jerseys football. In 1965 he was arrested for interstate stolen property and served ten years in prison. He was featured in William F. Roemer Jr’s „War of the Godfathers: The Bloody Confrontation Between the Chicago and New York Families for Control of Las Vegas“ in 1990. His wife, Josephine, is part owner of D&P Trucking soccer slogans for t shirts, located in Chicago, Illinois, though authorities believe it is Peter and his brothers Joe and John that actually run the enterprise. Peter is also supposedly active in some of the Outfit’s racketeering schemes.

He has a conviction for transporting stolen goods and served time in Leavenworth. His name appeared on a 2002 FBI list as a potential threat to the life of Nick Calabrese, a star witness in Operation Family Secrets under federal protection.